business through networkingBusiness through networking is one of the well-known marketing tools nowadays that is easy, effective, yet cost-efficient. When the word “networking” is mentioned, what usually comes to mind is a group of people exchanging business cards and speeches, trying to talk to as much people as they can. Would you believe that some people actually get a thrill of doing these kinds of things? Doing business through networking the right way is actually a unique gift, but when they do, they harvest a bounty – new clients, joint ventures, intelligent advisors, and accommodating friends – that means, two-way advantageous relationships.

But not all are gifted with this talent and the concept of business through networking scares the hell out of them. But do not fret. Networking is actually not as scary as you think. You can achieve the same wondrous benefits without having to force yourself to mingle with strangers.

What one should remember is that with any kind of networking, the key is to create strong relationships through giving. Give what you can – suggestions, ideas, advice, support, referrals, compliments, perhaps even your business, to others. As the popular saying goes, it is better to give than to receive.

There are a lot of ways you can obtain business through networking, and we’ll be discussing samples of these in detail:

Four Steps to Amplify Your Online Business through Networking

1. Spread the news about your online business to your family and friends.

This is actually the first cardinal rule, though still many people forget about it. You don’t actually have to pitch your products to your family and friends, you just have to let them know during your normal conversations with them – how you are into internet marketing these days and how you earn online. This is called planting the seed and in the end it can grow your business through networking.

Mind you, your family and friends may not be interested in your products and services, but there is a high probability that they are connected to someone who does.

TIP: Each person is connected to 250 other persons on average. When you choose to keep your business through networking from a cousin or a neighbor, think of how many possible connections you just lost.

2. Join virtual networks.

The beauty of networking is that you can do it online, in the comforts of your own home. This is ideal especially for those who aren’t that comfortable with live, face-to-face dealings. Virtual networking lets you gain contact lists and be part of worldwide online communities. There is a very small possibility that these people would meet in real life, but the digital world allows it to happen. Business through networking online also has a faster growth rate than any type of traditional network.

By joining virtual networks makes you also part of people’s email list. When netizens ask for opinions, make sure to give your point. When an issue raised is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to react about it. If a product being sold may seem beneficial to you and costs fair enough, purchase it then share a positive feedback.

TIP: Be someone they don’t just know of, but interested in listening to, instead of just being another name from their mailing list.

Another part of business through networking is to take part in discussion forums online, particularly those where your target audience is present. Be a lurker for a while before leaping in and avoid accidentally making a fool of yourself. To lurk means to browse the posts, and check out the ambiance. Start participating they moment you feel contributing something worthwhile. If allowed, attach a signature with your website link, but do not directly sell your products or services. Give your advice when it is asked for. The idea is to showcase your knowledge, desire, expertise and desire to help others.

TIP: In the end, forum members will know you better, put their trust in you, and eventually like you. The next step for them is to think of you top of mind when they need the products you provide.

3. Showcase those talents.

Business through networking can also supported via online content. You have to try writing and submitting article directories, reports or e-books, or even setup your own website and e-zines. You have to put out there those knowledge or skills on your network, and do not forget your contact information. Whenever you get the chance, volunteer to give out special reports or articles for free especially in the audience includes your targeted prospective clients.

Also think about conducting workshops free of charge related to your niche, with help from the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or other known groups. If you are employed, you can also try to offer lunchtime sessions on topics such as these, business through networking, for your officemates.

TIP: The goal is to be the go-to person in terms of expertise whenever a related concern or need on the product you are offering arises.

4. Take part in seminars.

It also entails attendance in workshops, conferences, meetings that your customers also attend. These are considered business through networking goldmines and post a lot of opportunities to engage in natural conversations with people you want to meet. You don’t have to pitch or hard sell your product or services. All you have to do is be friendly, raise inquiries, cooperate in discussions, best of all, just be yourself.

TIP: Not only do you acquire knowledge on certain issues your target audience is interested in, at the same time, you are also building relationships and boosting your business through networking.


So I have just imparted to you the importance of networking, and 4 simple ways on how it can work for you. Perform at least one or all of these techniques, and witness your profits rise.

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