build your websiteBuild your website if you want to get ahead in the online business world. Sustaining a home-based online business for a long time will take a lot of effort. If you build the site, you have more opportunities to have more business presence on the internet. Making the business known in the online world will improve your trust level and customers will believe in your product.

Steps on How to Build Your Website

1.      Pick a domain name.

Before you build your website, you must think of a domain name first. Domain name is the website address. That’s what people type in search engines when looking for your website. Picking a name doesn’t mean that whatever pops in your head will do. A good domain name requires research before you build your website. The best domain names are the ones containing highly-searched keywords in the field of business. Do not put photography if you are selling undergarments. Searching the internet for popular keywords will help pick a domain name before you build your website.

2.      Register for a website hosting account.

You need to have a website hosting account before you build a website. Your domain name will be useless if it’s not registered to a website host. There are some important considerations when picking the right website host – bandwidth, disk space allowed, and number of supported domains are just three of them. If you register for a web hosting account, an annual membership will cost you between $6-$10/month. BlueHost and Host Gator are just two of the leading web hosts today.

3.      Build your website.

This is where you put your creative minds in full gear. When you build your website, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you know how to code. You don’t need to be an HTML or javascript programmer in order to build your site. There are templates online that you can use to build the site or web pages. If you want to build your website, there are tutorial videos to help you. But if you have the money to spare, you can hire someone to do the programming for you. Just give your creative input or what you want to see in your website.

4.      Write and design web content.

When you build your website, it will not attract visitors if it is just a blank web page. You need to be creative in filling up your website. In writing web content, you should know your target audience. Selling chocolates to diabetics might not be a good idea. You should know your products or services when you build your website. You should know the market that you are targeting. Use words that will catch their attention and that they will understand. When you build a website, you must keep in mind the people that will visit. The overall look of the website should also be taken seriously. Keep your fonts constant to prevent looking lousy. A professional looking website will increase business’ trust level.

5.      Target traffic to the website.

After you build your website, it doesn’t mean that your work is done. The next phase is driving traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to make potential customers visit your website. Search Engine Optimization means your website will turn up at the first three pages of search engine results. If people are looking for pet goodies and your website has SEO o point, it show up at the top of the results page. Write SEO articles and get backlinks in order to make people visit your website.

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