brochuresBrochures are a great way to market a business. It is an important marketing tool, same as posters, catalogs, and postcards.

Picture this: you were in the hotel lobby, waiting for your friend to come down. You’ve been waiting for 15 minutes already but she’s still nowhere to be seen. You get bored and you looked around for something interesting. Then you see these brochures beside your chair. They were catchy, the photos are very colorful, and the text is very easy to read. You got one brochure and availed of the service it was advertising a few days after.

This is a common experience for people—everyday commuters, those who are waiting on a queue, those who waiting for their number to be called. Imagine the opportunities that you business would miss if you don’t have a catchy and interesting brochure for people to pick up during those times that they are waiting.

Brochures: Effective Marketing Strategy

What makes brochures effective in marketing your product or service? Oftentimes, a brochure is the first things that customers get hold of before calling a company. Therefore, it is essential that your brochure catch the attention of potential customers. Moreover, they should create interest on the potential customer, making him or her want to know more about what you are offering.

Some tips to create professional-looking brochures

These are some things to consider when creating professional-looking brochures.

  1. Know its purpose. Why do you want to create one for your business? Is it for one product only? What do you want people to see and read? Knowing the purpose for handing out a brochure will help you focus on what to include on your marketing materials.
  2. Include high-resolution images. We all know how boring it is to read a material that contains nothing but letters. High-resolution images are crucial for creating quality and professional brochures. There are the first things that people look at, so if you have a blurry image, it can be pretty embarrassing for your company.
  3. Avoid using different font types. Using different types of fonts can make your brochures look disorganized, childish, and somewhat gimmicky.
  4. Use of color. While use of color is encouraged, do not use contrasting colors and use plenty of them in your brochure. Although the human eye easily catches something that’s colorful, make sure that the texts on your brochure are still legible despite your use of colors.
  5. Proofread your material. Nothing can be more embarrassing than a marketing material full of simple grammatical and punctuation errors. Have someone to proofread the contents of your brochures before printing them.


When printing your brochure, you might consider looking for online printing shops. They offer cheaper brochure printing services due to low overhead costs. Moreover, choose a printing company that has experience in design and printing. Having a right printing company can help you with all the aspects of your marketing. Check out various brochure printing services so you can get the lowest price possible. Make sure however that you are dealing with reputable and trustworthy printers.


With today’s latest printing technology, it is possible to get your brochures printed for a reasonable price. Having a professional brochure printing company handling your needs will make your brochure crisp, clear, and colorful looking, thus making them truly effective marketing materials.

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