writing passionWriting passion is brought out by using your skills. You are simply beginning to find out what direction to take. Surely, it will be a time consuming decision between content writing and your passion. A lot of people assume that it must be better to simply become a content writer. This is compared to following your writing passion. Because, the latter will offer a lot of opportunities for rejection. Utilizing your passion in writing can only bring income if a publisher accepts your work. That is more easily said than done.

Content Writing

Nevertheless, writers don’t necessarily need to let go of their writing passion to satisfy their financial needs. However, content writing is more of an immediate solution for money problems. This, as opposed to an outlet for someone’s passion. You have to accept that writing content is basically being paid for giving away a writing job. You will be creating articles for a client who will pay you for it. Once your article has been paid for, it will no longer be your property. It’s not like when you work for your personal writing passion.

In content writing, you will not receive continuous payment for your article. So, if you want a more long term alternative, it will probably be better if you step away from content writing jobs. This is where following your passion will begin to enter your decision.

Indulging your Writing Passion

Write to indulge your writing passion. So that you are able to create longer publications. At the same time, your passion will offer you an additional number of choices. That’s when it comes to the use and publication of the said documents.

For example, you can ask for nonexclusive rights. These will give you the ability to offer your story to as many people as you want. Then you get paid by whoever wishes to publish it. You can also avail of another type of agreement when you use your writing passion to create a story: the ability to sell your book again. A final option would be the ability to sell your rights to someone else. Go ahead, invoke international law.

It would take some time for you to complete and then publish a whole book made with your writing passion. But you can do content writing on the side as a source of continued income.

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