brand managementBrand management is not a marketing job anymore. With the evolution of the Internet, public relations professionals are invited to become more directly involved with it.

There was a time when an organization’s brand has been the sole domain of marketing professionals. The Internet changed this, however.

A “brand,” according to the Dictionary of Business and Management, refers to a sign, name, or symbol that is used to identify a seller’s services or items. A brand differentiates one’s goods from that of his competitors. However, a brand is more than that, according to a brand management specialist. It is actually a collection of perception in the mind of a consumer. Being that said, a brand is not just your corporation’s logo; for it can be anything where people can associate an organization.

Brand Management and the PR Professionals

The role of PR professionals when it comes to brand management is not simply to communicate news to the media. More importantly, they should communicate their organization’s persona to the media and the rest of the world.

Take Google for instance. Many people know it as the universal search engine and in fact it is the best-known and most-used search engine on the web. However, its brand management efforts do not stop there. The company has worked hard to combat the doubts of Internet users as to the quality of its web search results. Since advertisements are also common on the Internet, there are people who doubt whether the results from the search engines are not skewed in exchange for paid advertising.

Because of its brand management efforts, many people are aware of the clear division the Google places between its search results and its advertising business. And this division is not just reflected on the web search page results. Google, as part of its brand management campaign, always makes this clear each and every time it speaks to the media. It is always quick to point out the division during press releases. Because of this conscious and constant effort, it has become a part of its brand.

Keys to Brand Management

To make sure that effective communication is accomplished, media communication should be managed properly.

One key to effective brand management is to make sure that everyone in the organization understands your brand. This means that every person who speaks for the organization must speak as one. Otherwise, problems can occur.

This is the reason why brand management is not solely the job of the marketing team anymore. For when problem arises, it is the PR team that makes the necessary adjustments. It is the PR team that analyzes how media coverage is done. Lastly, it is this team that gets the proper message out.

Therefore, the public relations team should be able to measure how well its organization is communicating through tacking of key messages, taglines, or buzzwords in the media coverage. The team can also use sales and stock prices to measure how well a brand is being picked up in the media.

Brand Management: Conclusion

These days, brand management is not just about building the brand. It is also about how people see the company behind that logo. It does not only refer to the logo but also the perception of people about the company.

Public relations professional have a key role in shaping and maintaining the organization’s brand. Thus, brand management cannot be left alone to the marketing team. It is important therefore that the PR team be responsible in sending the right message as well as be vigilant in building the brand of the company.

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