online testimonialsOnline testimonials are one of the ways to make your products or services known to different group of consumers. However, because of the gained popularity of testimonials to persuade possible clients, some people begin to doubt what is written in them. To create powerful and useful online testimonials, you need to revolutionize how you write them.

Tips to create more credible online testimonials

  1. Display some proof.

When people read testimonials, they do not easily believe what is written. They have to see to believe. Thus, when you are requesting testimonials from your trusted clients, ask for a picture as well. If it is slimming or whitening product, before and after photos are best to add more credibility to the testimonials.

  1. Have it electronically signed.

In the same way that President Obama’s signature makes any document official, your client’s signature at the end of his online testimonials will have the same effect. If your client is apprehensive that such signature might be used by other individuals, request for a handwritten name, then, scan it.

  1. Hear a testimonial.

Some consumers do not have the time to read long online testimonials. Thus, a recorded testimonial will do the trick. Record your clients’ testimonials using a recorder on your mobile phone or answering machine and post them online.

  1. Postcard trick.

Every postcard has a post mark on it. By asking your clients to send their testimonials via postcard, scanning them, and uploading them to your website, you can instantly have reliable online testimonials.

  1. Add client profiles.

Your testimonials need to have a personality. Who is this person saying good things about the product? To breathe life into your testimonials, ask your clients to provide you with information such as age, occupation, hobbies, etc.

  1. Show some handwriting.

Similar to postcards and e-signatures, a handwritten testimonial will add a personal touch to your collection of online testimonials. This will make your testimonials more realistic.

  1. Publish e-mails.

Sometimes it is burdensome for clients to write testimonials. Being too demanding will shove them away instead of encourage them to patronize your products more. In order to easily fit your request into their schedules, let them send their testimonials via e-mail. To add credence into the testimonials, publish not only the message but also the entire e-mail. Your online testimonials will include the date, time, subject, and author of the message.

  1. See and hear.

A lot of consumers believe more on other consumers who they can see and hear. Hence, request your clients to video their testimonials using camcorders or mobile phones. They can send it to you through e-mail and you can post it on your online testimonials page.


Having these does not only refer to posting testimonials on the web. It also requires a bit of creativity.

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