tv guestingTV guesting is not for the faint-hearted. To land a television guesting and be successful in it, you have to act, be witty, and be charming. Look at the celebrity guests in Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. These celebrities are funny and very charismatic.

If you want to have a chance to be interviewed on TV, promote your business, and attract more clientele, you have to do it yourself. No one else can do it for you. You do not need to be a celebrity to be invited for a TV guesting but you should be interesting enough to get that desired phone call. Here are a few tips on how to book a successful television guesting.

Make a pitch that is worth a TV guesting spot.

Producers always want something interesting to put in a segment. Before you actually contact any one in media, make sure that you prepared a unique, engaging thing to share on TV. It could be about the contents of your recent book and why people should buy it, or the latest products you sell. It can be anything under the sun.

Expose yourself. Make yourself known.

You cannot be a guest on TV if you are not known by the people in the network such as bookers and producers. A booker is like a headhunter. He searches for individuals who have what it takes to pull off an awesome TV guesting. There are a lot of bookers, and the simplest way to let them know that you exist is by writing to them or giving them a call. Remember the pitch that you first wrote? That is what you will say in your letter or during a call. When you call, ensure that your pitch is no longer than 3 minutes. Bookers are busy people. If you talk longer than 3 minutes, all they would probably hear is babble. Hence, this can make or break your chance for a TV guesting. After a call, you could either undergo a series of ‘auditions’ or search for a different booker.

If the booker liked what you have to offer, he will schedule you an interview with the producers. This is where the series of ‘auditions’ come in. It is not strictly an audition. Rather, it is an interview process with various producers of the show including the segment producer, associate producer, and the executive producer.

Be pro-active.

So, you have finally landed a TV guesting schedule. Feels good, isn’t it? To be a regular guest in that network, or to be invited in another television guesting stint, you need to be a pro-active guest. Not because you are a guest does not mean you will not participate in creating the segment. Yes, the producers would take care of that but you are the expert. This is your time to shine and show the entire world that you have what it takes. If you have ideas to improve the segment such as the topics to be discussed, feel free to suggest it to the producer. Keep in mind that you are merely suggesting and not imposing. Find the right time to give your suggestions as well so as not to sound overpowering and boastful.

Preparation is the key.

Surely, you memorize whatever you have written in your book or the product descriptions of the things that you sell. However, you have to prepare the proper responses to the final list of questions submitted to you before the big TV guesting day. You have to make sure that you can show the producers that you have done your homework, you know what words to use, and you know how to say the responses. Be responsible in your television guesting stint. Having a set of prepared answers will let you find your way through the interview in case other things are discussed. Also, find your best angle, and practice how you would look into the camera. This will help you be comfortable during the show.

Expect the unexpected. Anything can happen in a TV guesting.

All you have to expect on your TV guesting segment is that it is a live show. Hence, a lot of uncontrolled, unanticipated, and unforeseen events can take place. Always prepare for the worst but always be at your best.

During a television guesting, there will be times that there will be changes in the script at the last minute. Oftentimes, the guest is not informed about it. To prevent looking shocked and getting caught off guard, you have to expect the unexpected. You may be asked about something outside your book or your business. Before answering the question and telling the world that you do not know anything about it, smile and think of a witty answer. TV guesting is all about opinions. Share your honest opinion on the matter, then, relate it to the topic you prepared for.

Follow the host and enjoy your guesting experience.

During the interview, never ever jump into topics. Allow the host to walk you through your TV guesting segment. Let the host lead you to particular points. If you feel that the topic is veering away from what you are knowledgeable with, relate that topic to your book or business. Also, remember to bring a copy of your book or product.


TV guesting is good for anyone who is trying to get the word out about their business, profession, or book. It is an advertisement that costs nothing. Make sure that you do your television guesting right to get a second schedule.

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