book report exampleBook report example is the right solution when you are being assigned a book report for the first time. If you’re confused, frustrated, or hesitant about the project, it could be tempting to dump it altogether.

Whatever it may be, learning is achieved through practice—particularly by what we see. Note though, that this is different from copying. By seeking advise from others, we learn how a task is done, the skills needed, the voice which best suits the job, and the length needed to achieve a good grade.

Never having seen a book report example, much less writing one, makes giving up understandable. But remember that it IS doable. The best way to proceed is to start searching for book report samples. To achieve this, don’t hesitate to ASK PEOPLE.

Tips on WHO to Approach for Book Report Example

  1. Teachers/ mentors: they are the best people to approach since they are the ones who assigned the job.
  1. Parents, siblings and friends: they would’ve probably already gone through it and so should be the people next to be considered.
  1. Librarians: they are excellent sources of book report examples. Ensure though that you determine the difference between a review and an example.

Tips on WHAT to Use for Book Report Example

  1. Elizabeth James’ How to Write a Book Report

This student survival guide contains descriptions of how a book report should be. Several chapters are dedicated to the selection of suitable books to read. It also instructs the student on how to utilize library resources effectively. Creating drafts of the book report and oral reporting strategies are also discussed. Best of all, there is a four-page book report example to cap it off.

  1. Dawn B. Sova’s How to Write a Book Report

This book employs a step-by-step approach about book reports. It advises on how to spot differences between reports and reviews, qualifications of reviewers, and efficient note taking. As with the previously mentioned book, it contains book report example and reviews.

  1. Quality websites can also be a resource for book report samples. Be sure to avoid illegal methods or those that offer inferior materials. Some websites are listed here:
  • org: a good site that includes a section on “Reading Matters”.
  • com: provides a recommendation of the best “Book of the Month” released within the last 30 days.
  • ne/jp/waring/er/readreport.html: this site provides book report example. Also includes a checklist of points to be included in a book report.


In the end, remember that you are your own reporter. Select a book that interests you. Not only will this encourage you to finish the book, but also to write about it.

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