using autorespondersUsing autoresponders are one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. Autoresponders can actually lessen your time devoted to replying to emails about the usual questions on your products or services featured by sending an introduction email to all the newbies who signed up for your newsletter.

It has been tried and tested by online marketers how advantageous using autoresponders are for one’s business. Of these advantages, the most common one is having the power to evaluate if your promotions are working well. Autoresponders has been deemed very effective nowadays that it is being utilized by several websites from different kinds of industries. But unfortunately, some marketers take for granted using autoresponders the wrong way. If you are thinking of using them for your site, here are some of the important rules you should take note of.

3 Important No-nos when it comes to using autoresponders

No-no # 1) The use of autoresponders’ address for search engine submissions.

Website search engines like Google, Yahoo, classifieds, and directories are probably where you would submit your website address to. But you should know that these sites are using autoresponders as well. That means, use of autoresponders on these websites would just lead users to their autoresponders as well. In the end will just be a deluge of email responses from autoresponders on your inbox and theirs.

No-no # 2) Subscribing to discussion forums or e-zines by using autoresponders.

E-zines are meant to send regular news and updates, and using autoresponders would e-mail them every time. In the same way that each person part of a discussion forum would be receiving your autoresponder e-mail. This might provoke some of the subscribers to unsubscribe. Unfortunately it can be quite difficult for forum or e-zine administrators to check on who is using autoresponders so to help ease out the confusion, better not to use autoresponders for these.

No-no # 3) Using autoresponders to victimize unaware users.

Aside from it being irritating, it is very unprofessional for those companies that utilize autoresponder e-mails as a reply to automated mails and then automatically adding the address in the ‘from’ field to their subscription list. This is an example of unethical use of autoresponders and as an effect, it puts the image of the business in trouble. Instead of promoting their products or services, potential customers instead become irritated and worse, could lead to negative word-of-mouth instead of having a positive impression on the company. Using autoresponders should be helpful to the business image, rather than destroying it.

Autoresponders are a great beneficial tool for businesses and it helps save time and energy on the end of the marketer. So care must be taken on the way it is used, so that one can reap the benefits instead of getting the ire of customers and potential customers. Autoresponders were made to add more to the business instead of incurring losses. So make sure you are on the right track in using autoresponders by avoiding these specific no-nos we have discussed here.

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