mom entrepreneursMom entrepreneurs often find difficulty in juggling work and family. So, when my husband decided to work full-time in my business I thought that things would be a lot easier. For a couple that build their lives on respect and trust, we deeply believed that we can do anything together successfully. I thought that if we were good in taking care of our children, our house and all our necessities as a team, having a business together would be a cinch. My husband and I constantly planned for our business, but in the end we still ended up being unprepared.

For all the mom entrepreneurs, please read my tips to help guide you in working together with your spouse harmoniously.

Important Work Tips to Learn for Mom Entrepreneurs Working with their Husbands

  1. Talk about each other’s work ethic.

Working together is like when you first started living together. Being wives, and mothers with your spouse and children, are certainly not the same as being mom entrepreneurs with your husbands. Like newlyweds, you have to learn things all over again, because you both of you have never really worked together career-wise. This is where we learned each other’s skills and talents. I saw how great he is with writing, and computers, while he saw that I had really good capabilities in running the business.

Mom entrepreneurs must be prepared that no matter how long you’ve been married to your spouse, you can still have disagreements, most especially while transitioning to a working relationship. You may have different styles in handling the business from your spouse. I learned from my husband that he likes to focus on only one task. I, on the other hand, am quite productive when multi-tasking.

So, I believe that the most important tip for all the mom entrepreneurs out there is communication. You have to communicate with your husband and talk about the things you want to do, what you both want to start with, and whatever it is you plan to do for your business every day. It removes all the unnecessary surprises and miscommunication that disrupts the normal operation of the business.

  1. Make time for each other.

Yes, meeting your spouse at work and home is not enough. Mom entrepreneurs need to balance things with their husbands. It’s not supposed to be work all the time. The reason why you worked together is to make things a lot smoother, and it will be if you learn to balance work and relationship. If you don’t communicate at home, if you don’t spend as much time together as a couple, how do you expect that you will work together as a team in your business? My husband and I may not have regular dates, but we make sure that our relationship is prioritized. We have occasional dates, and we always plan our lunches together.

Mom entrepreneurs, you have to talk with your husband and make adjustments to your very busy schedules. Whether it be by having lunch together, or going on a romantic dinner date after work, the little things you do to keep your relationship blooming is very crucial. It keeps the spark alive, and also keeps you inspired to work together and also help you improve your communication.

  1. Alone time.

Being mom entrepreneurs can be hard work after all. You don’t only have work; you also have a spouse and children you have to take care of. It is quite understandable that sometimes things can get a little too stressful or overwhelming.

For mom entrepreneurs, while it is important to take time with your spouse, you have to always keep the balance. Too much of a good thing is bad. There may be times when you have so much free time together that you have nothing else to talk about. Choose an activity you would like to do and schedule it. If you have done your “we” time leave some time out just for you.

You can find a new hobby, read a book, or go shopping. Anything that you find pleasure in doing alone will keep your mind about everything else be at ease. It can help you generate new thoughts and ideas for your business. It can help you be creative in play time with your children, and it can also help you with topics to talk about with your husband.

It may be difficult for mom entrepreneurs to have time for yourselves. Maybe it is in the beginning. With the right planning, things will eventually fall it its place, and you will have ample time to do everything you need.

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