being an executiveBeing an executive is not just wearing designer clothes, driving luxury cars, and dining in posh restaurants. However, business schools tell us that the only way to be on top is to be an executive. Nobody wants to be the secretary or the assistant. Everyone dreams of becoming an executive. So where do we get the impression that being an executive is like being on top of the world?

The media, especially movies have painted a high and mighty picture of an executive. We have seen multiple times that it means vacationing in the Caribbean, owning Swiss bank accounts, and terrorizing the rank and file employees. However, the nitty-gritty part of being an executive is fully displayed in movies. We will show you how the life of an executive is really like.

What does being an executive involve?

Being one is equal to a life of sacrifice. Yes, it involves a lot of sacrifice. When you are a low rank employee, you sacrifice many hours working ward in order to get ahead of everyone. After that, when you get a taste of what it’s like being an executive, you burn more hours in order to stay on top.

Because it means being in a position of power, the added burden of steering a company in the right direction is put on your shoulders. It means you are not in a position to make mistakes because making one means compromising your company. And when that happens, the company’s board of directors will not stop unless you make things right or you leave your post.

The things that you see in the movies of how the life of an executive looks like is all but a dream. Yes, you can go on cruises, shopping sprees, and golf outings. However, even if you have the money to do it, you do not the time to do so. Being an executive means minding your company’s welfare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The life of an executive doesn’t stop when you go out of the office. Unlike an employee who have paid vacation and sick leaves, an executive is not afforded with the same luxury. You have the money and the position of power, but with them comes great responsibility. Being an executive is like being a slave to your company and time spent with other things will be a luxury.

Now do you still think that to be an executive is like living in a dream?

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