become the favoriteBecome the favorite has been the goal of most people who work in a very competitive office environment. In any corporate setup, there are two kinds of employees: one who works very hard and is good at what he does; the second kind is the one who gets easily noticed and leads all sorts of activities for the office.

Becoming successful at your career does not only mean working hard and meeting performance goals; you also need to get recognition and confirmation from the management. In order to do so, you need to become the favorite.

What to Do in Order to Become the Favorite

  1. Have a friendly and pleasant attitude to everyone. Put out a good word to everybody in the office and compliment them. Don’t be brash or judgmental of other people. By doing so, you can be the favorite not just of management, but of your co-employees, too.
  2. Avoid office gossip. Participating in gossip can make life uncomfortable. You would still need to know what’s happening in the office, but keep it to yourself and do not spread or participate in any discussions about it. As a result, you will become the favorite of your colleagues and you will inspire the confidence of people.
  3. Keep updated with the latest information in your industry. Take the time to read books and online references. Arm yourself with the latest technical advancements as well as global business trends. When the time comes, surprise yourself, your colleagues, and your boss by coming up with those information you learned during brainstorming sessions. As a result, you will become the favorite and the go-to guy.
  4. Be efficient at what you do and have information on hand. Prepare for meetings beforehand, be proactive and make suggestions, but be sure to back those up with action. You will be the favorite and people will go to you for advice.
  5. Be an avid listener. You have to absorb knowledge like a sponge. You will be surprised at the things you will learn by just listening to people vent out their frustrations. Do not restrict yourself to your team or department. You have to know the other functions or divisions of the organization. You will become the favorite of many people and they will trust you enough with information that could become useful in the future.
  6. Become a leader. Be proactive and volunteer to accept extra responsibilities, or be eager to take over an officemate’s load during their absence, and lend a hand when another team is working overtime to meet a deadline. Make useful suggestions. You will become the favorite and this will let people know that you are dependable for just about anything.
  7. Obey the policies and regulations of the office. Learn the mission, vision, and goals of the company and adapt them to your work ethics. You will become the favorite of the management by doing so, because you will embody the company’s culture and be a perfect example for the others.
  8. Be on top of a situation. Don’t let others see you stressed. Keep your personal life and professional life separate. Do not form romantic relationships with somebody from the office. Make sure to dress professionally. Following these tips will surely get you noticed and ultimately, you become the favorite of your immediate boss because of your professionalism.
  9. Your work should be efficient, methodical, and organized. Use filing systems that everyone in the office knows how to work, so that when you’re away, anyone from your department would be able to make sense of how your paperwork is arranged. Keep your desk neat, and your computer files uncluttered. Create a backup of your office files so that you will have an extra copy if work is lost. Always have disaster management measures in place and be familiar with the contingency measures and policies of the company. If something unexpected happens, you will know what to do and as a result, you will become the favorite.
  10. Be confident, stylish, and approachable. You have to look and smell good. Always carry breath mints and a fresh handkerchief in your pocket. There should always be a freshly-laundered shirt in your office for emergencies. If you have a personable appearance and a winning personality, it is a guarantee that you will become the favorite.

It takes more than skills and talent to impress a boss. You must have an agreeable, strong and assertive personality as well. This will take you far in the corporate ladder, until you become the boss’s favorite!

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