be a filterBe a filter and you’ll realize that you will not just be able to find something that’s different to what you’re used to doing, you can even get more profit. To be one, it’s simply about making sure that you focus on specific things and only sell those. If that happens, you no longer have to be the expert and yet people will come to you and your books for all the information on the topic.

What it means to be a filter

To be a filter, the first thing you need to learn is how to find information related to your topic and then choose the best available information there. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to share what you’ve found to the world. Checking out your information at the beginning is important to create and maintain your credibility.

The dedication to be a filter

Be a filter with dedication. This means that you have to personally read the information you are able to collect. In this manner, you will be able to properly sift through the information available. Schedule a specific time for you to read all of the material you have at hand. Although this seems to be a hard step to be a filter, you need to make sure that you do this well so that your information is always reliable and up to date.

Be a filter that is assured

Make sure that if you know exactly what you’re talking about. You need to find a specific market, otherwise you would simply be talking about the whole topic. For example, cooking would be a very vague and large market but Southern cooking would be much better if you are trying to be a filter.

The tools to be a filter

To be one, the tools are relatively easy and generally free. These are made up of sources of information such as blogs, articles, and magazines. Using a large amount of information sources will help make your filtering skills more efficient and will consequently increase the numbers of your audience.

Be a filter with sub-filters

If you want to be a filter that’s thorough, you can go the extra mile and even make sub-filters. This means that once you’ve come up with a remarkable amount of reliable and specific information, you can then create categories that are also more specific and assign each article to a category. If you can offer sub-filters, then you are definitely on your way to be a well known and reliable filter.

Be a filter with your book to customize and rebrand

If you have been able to release a book while you are working to be a filter, you may soon realize that you should customize your books. If you began with conceptual books such as those that explain your topic, you can spread outward by now talking about how to books for your audience.

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