writing a press releaseWriting a press release is one of the most effective and efficient ways to garner publicity without costs for your business or organization. However, only a professionally written press release can produce that kind of coverage. Writing a press release is easy yet complex in the same way.

A press release is, more often than not, written for journalists. Hence, when writing one, its focus, style, and tone should not be the same as a business memo but must be equally professional. Writing press releases requires creativity and competence. Follow these tips to write a successful press release.

Things to consider when writing a press release

Writing a press release is like writing a news story. It must contain an interesting angle that journalists, or your audience, will notice. Merely announcing a change of office address is not interesting. You must include why such change of address is beneficial to everyone in writing a press release about it. Here are three characteristics of a good press release. Make sure that, in writing press releases, you incorporate all of them.

  • Relevant

What is relevant to your audience? How do you make something relevant to them? When writing a press release, make sure that the topic and the angle of your announcement is noticeable for your audience. Give it a little personal touch to bring it closer to them. If you are releasing a new product or service, do not merely tell them about it. When writing a press release on it, show them why they need such product or service, and how it could make their daily lives easier.

  • Timely

Make sure that your press release is tailored to an upcoming event. Are you writing about a Christmas sale in February? That is way too early. Consider writing a press release for special Valentine-related products in February because that is timely.

  • Distinctive

Your press release should be unique and interesting. Something that helps people realize that they need your product.

Format when writing a press release

  1. Release date

After your letterhead, this is the first thing that should follow. Writing a press release is like having a ticking time bomb. You have to be specific with time. You can also use the words “For Immediate Release” if time is not really a factor.

  1. Headline

This goes under the release date, and is usually what is read by journalists. Keep your headlines short, strong but interesting to attract attention. Write it in capital letters, and make sure it summarizes your release at a glance.

  1. Lead paragraph

This is the ultimate summary of your press release. Apart from the headline, most journalists would just read the lead paragraph and gauge from there whether your announcement is worthy of their time. When writing a press release, make sure your lead paragraph is as short as three sentences only.

  1. The body

Here is where you would expound what you have written in the lead. Get straight to the point and ensure that all details are provided.

  1. End

Writing a press release is like writing news. Hence, you end with ###, END, -end-, or -30-.

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