viral marketingViral marketing can be the key to prosperous years ahead for your business. Unfortunately, not all marketers recognize how to launch a viral campaign. They thought marketing is all about trending stories, photos and videos. What they don’t understand is viral marketing can be triggered by backend profits.

What are Backend Profits?

Backend profits refer to additional earnings that you gain from a customer. The revenue you get after your customer’s first buy is called the front end profits. Meanwhile, the revenue that comes after the second buy and so forth pertains to backend profits.

How Backend Profits can Trigger Viral Marketing

Backend profits can truly transform your marketing. From being a measly performing campaign, it can turn out into profitable viral marketing. Once you are able to fully grasp the power of backend profits, you’ll see how this marketing can do wonders to your enterprise.

The technique to turn your backend profits into the ultimate marketing tool is simple. However, marketers often ignore this because of their tendency to look backwards. They tend to have a “tunnel vision” and see things on a limited scale.

The real successful marketers, however, can see things through. They can see the full potential of backend profits and viral marketing. They know that:

  • Backend profits can bring in more money and spur marketing. This is owing to the goodwill you have already built.

Once a customer comes back to buy from you, it only means that he is satisfied with your product. He knows that your product is of good quality. Thus, he is more or less willing to pay a higher price for it. You don’t need to convince him to buy again since he does it on his own volition. Therefore, you can demand a higher price.

  • To earn backend profits that will in turn ignite viral marketing, provide good frontend products.

Before you can start earning backend profits you need to offer high-quality frontend products. Remember that trust is very valuable in sales. You can only establish such trust if your buyers are provided with a product that meets their expectations. Your products should be what you claim them to be and nothing less. Viral marketing is foremost, about offering marketable products.

  • Paying a high affiliate commission is worth it.

Some marketers thought that paying high commissions to affiliates rob them of their profits. They fail to see that paying a high commission is some sort of investment. It is one way to flare up viral marketing. If you really want to be successful, you need to value what affiliates do. Remember that they drive traffic to your site. This type of marketing is impossible without enough traffic coming into your site. Thus, to entice your affiliates to do more and drive more traffic to your site, pay more. Happy workers are efficient workers, after all. Eventually, you will see how quick they can create a viral marketing out of your backend profits. Thus, instead of paying a 50% commission, why not give 75% to your loyal affiliates?

  • The more affiliates you have, the more effective your viral campaign will be.

Figure this out. Assume that you are selling your product for $50 and you pay 50% commission to your affiliates. Assume further that you have 5 affiliates who each can close 10 deals. You will earn $1,250 net of commissions. At the end of the day, you earn 50 customers, 5 of whom buy your $100 backend product. This gives you a $500 profit. Total it and you have $1,750.

Now what if you give away 75% commission instead?

If you do this, you’ll get 10 affiliates instead of the 5. Ten affiliates closing 10 deals each at $50 will earn for you $1,250. If you think about it, this figure is the same front end profits you had before! But now, you gain 100 customers and generate10 backend sales for a hundred thousand dollar revenue!

This is all possible because of your backend profits and aggressive viral marketing! Thanks to this type of marketing, you can earn more as your backend profits pile up!

In the end, the success lies in your determination to succeed. As you pay attention to your customer’s satisfaction, you are subconsciously creating an invincible viral marketing machine!

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