common ezine mistakesCommon ezine mistakes can cause your readers to think twice before reading. Thousands of people read ezine everyday. Thousands also send their articles but not all of them get published. There are many reasons behind this, but one of these many reasons includes committing common ezine mistakes. These mistakes would not have occurred in the first place if the author had been very careful initially.

Get Rid of Common Ezine Mistakes

Do you want your article to get published? Avoid these common ezine mistakes that many writers did. Here are some of those avoidable errors:

Mistake no. 1 – Target niche is wrong. Write the articles based on the needs of the persons to whom you are selling a product or service. These are the people whom you want to read your message. When you write, think about whom you are writing for. They are your targeted audience; they are your niches.

Mistake no. 2 – Subject is missing. Many authors of articles send their articles without placing any subject on the message. This section is one of the very first things that Ezine publishers look at. They receive bulk of articles everyday and if they do not know what your topic is about, most likely, your article will end up in the trash bin.

Mistake no. 3 – Articles are not unique. Of course, many things have been written about Internet marketing. But there will always be a way to make your article different from the one submitted by another author. You can always add something interesting, fresh, or unique. You can add a personal touch to your article. Share your experience. Add some emotions to your writing. One of the most common ezine mistakes that authors commit is submitting an article that has been written before, without attempting to even tweak it a bit.

Mistake no. 4 – Advertising. Ezine articles should not sound like promotional pieces. As with any other write up, an article that attempts to hard sell will only turn off potential customers. There is a section provided below the body of the article for promoting your website, the resource box. This is where you should provide information about your business and not in the article’s body.

Mistake no. 5 – Valuable information is missing. Common ezine mistakes of authors involve writing something that does not really contain anything significant. People read ezine articles because they want to get valuable information. If your content is anything but valuable, you won’t have any chance of getting published. To get your story published, educate your readers by giving them valuable information.

Mistake no. 6 – Wrong spelling is wrong. Your word processor has spell checker tool so there’s no reason to commit this error. Yet, this is considered as one of the most common ezine mistakes that prevent an article from getting published. Even if you are in a rush, it is not an excuse not to check for spelling errors on your document.

Mistake no. 7 – The article does not follow the required format. Ezine articles should be 65 characters per line and its length must be between 500 to 750 words. When an article is in its proper format, Ezine publishers can easily copy and paste it. Make sure to observe the correct format next time.

Mistake no. 8 – The message contains nothing but your article. Do not just send your article and put something on the subject line. It will help if you create a personalized message accompanied by a cover letter. Many ezine publishers receive thousands of emails everyday. Make sure to communicate properly to the publisher. This is one way to get noticed and published.

If you are having problems getting published in ezine, you might be guilty of these common ezine mistakes. Make sure to check your articles before sending them and more importantly, take note of the mistakes mentioned above. Avoid committing them and when you do, you are one step ahead of the thousands of other authors who are sending their articles to ezine authors everyday.

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