What are bulk mails? I am certain that you have come across ads that offer “1, 000 email addresses” for a certain price i.e. “1,000,000 for $29.99” and that these bulk mail providers can even give these email addresses to you in CD format and have them delivered to your doorstep.

bulk mails
bulk mails

Having a million subscribers is definitely a good thing for an internet marketer and surely, this sounds good. Often however, having this number of subscribers is too good to be true.

What many newbie internet marketers do not know about is that these providers of bulk mails mine email addresses online by using wares and robots. By using this process or mining or harvesting, they come up with 1,000,000 email addresses or whatever the numbers one is looking for.

Bulk Mails for a Very Cheap Price?

What is really appalling in purchasing the 1,000,000 names? Although they are sold a rather low price, it is a real waste of money. You may be even accused of spamming because of these addresses. It is now no surprise how you yourself often receive spam on OEM software. Viagra emails are samples of these. This is how spamming is done.

There is a possibility of being accused of being a spammer because the 1,000,000 names or bulk mails you have bought do not even know you or your product nor did the owner of these bulk mails ask to be in your mailing list.

Aside from you sending out spam to these people, not all the 1,000,000 email addresses are actually active. A portion of these bulk mails can be owned by only a few people. One has to take into consideration that a person can have more than one email account. It is also possible that these email addresses are no longer active or no longer working so basically, it will be a waste of time and money.

When you come across such ads again, just tell yourself that buying 1,000,000 bulk mails is a waste of funds.

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