attention grabbing headlinesAttention grabbing headlines are used to make your readers choose your article in a world of thousands of articles. If you are able to create ones that are attention grabbing, they will definitely pick your article. You only have a few words to do one of many things: tell your readers what the article will be about, grab their attention, and finally convince them to keep reading your article till the end.

Know your readers before writing

Before you start creating your attention grabbing headlines, the first thing you should do is know what type of people would be reading your article. You have to cater your headlines according to what type of person you want to check your article. If you write things in a way that will target them specifically, you are more likely to find readers that are interested in what you are offering them.

Focus on emotions for attention grabbing headlines

A lot of other writers have realized that attention grabbing headlines don’t necessarily have to be just informative. Many times, people would pick headlines that tend to focus on people’s emotions. Universal emotions like fear, pride, and curiosity will grab people’s subconscious. Other concepts will make readers feel the same thing and interested enough to click on your article. For example, things that relate to family, friends, and work will also convince people to check out what you have written about them.

Some specific tips for attention grabbing headlines

It can be very challenging to make headlines that interest your readers. You want to create attention grabbing headlines that will only hint on what you are planning to share with your readers. Here are a few quick tips to make it easier for you to make those headlines.

  • Focus on reasons. Claiming that you will be helping your readers find out why certain things are happening to them will certainly catch curious readers’ attention. There are quite a few things that people are wondering about, so if you offer to help them understand, they will definitely read your article.
  • Make it sound like a news headline. Some attention grabbing headlines focus on percentages and numbers that will make people interested in your article. If you write your headline using words that are shocking and surprising, they will definitely be excite by your article.
  • Write down promises or benefits. People will be interested by offers of great things so some attention grabbing headlines usually add promises or benefits.

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