article writing tipsArticle writing tips abound in the internet. The online world is a mine for these kind of tips. The tips will show you how the world of writing articles work. However, some people still find it hard to write articles even if they have read a lot of article writing tips. They do not know where to start. Even if they have a lot of ideas, they do not know how to put them into writing. Maybe it’s because some tips overwhelm them. The tips could also be too complicated to understand. If you are one of these people, you do not need to worry. We have compiled basic article writing tips to get you started.

3 Article Writing Tips to Get You Started

Writing articles is simply a matter of organizing one’s thoughts. If you can talk, you can also write articles. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that. Writing articles is like writing down what you have to say about a particular subject. Writing down your thoughts about a topic in a coherent manner is what it’s all about.

Writing articles can be very rewarding especially if you want a home-based business. There are a lot of opportunities for freelance writers on the internet. If you want to explore this opportunity, nobody is stopping you. There are a lot of article writing tips to help you but you only need three to start. So how do you make your thoughts coherent in order to produce articles? Read our tips to find out.

Article Writing Tips for Beginners #1: Create a Compelling Title

The most important of all is to write an attention-grabbing title. Why? This is your first chance to hook your reader. If the title interests him or her, there is a big chance that they will read further. Network marketers provide their readers information by writing articles. When they want to educate their target market, they write articles about a specific product or service. The titles of these articles are usually dealt with the how-to approach. It is also important to be specific when creating your title in order to benefit your readers when solving a specific problem with the product or service.

Article Writing Tips for Beginners #2: Outline the Points You Want to Explore

After creating an interesting title, you should focus on the body. Your first paragraph should give the reader a briefer on what the article is about. This should include the things that you will discuss in the remaining part of the article. Make sure that your first paragraph will draw your audience to continue reading. After that, three or four points that you want to explain about the subject will suffice. These points should comprise the body of your article. Here, you explain further why they need this particular product or service. Usually, there are three to four paragraphs in the body of an article. Each of these paragraphs expand on a different point. Remember to always stick to the point on why you are writing the article. Don’t ramble about something else when you are discussing a certain point. That will not make your article coherent. Remember those article writing tips about putting your thoughts in a sequence to get your point across? That’s what you do in writing the body.

Article Writing Tips for Beginners #3: Have a Strong Conclusion

The last paragraph that you are going to write will serve as your conclusion. These set of words will reiterate your first paragraph. The only difference is, you can now add the points you have discussed in the body. Usually, the article closes with a brief discussion about the points raised. The conclusion is the summary of your entire article which ends the discussion about the subject. Your ending is as important as your beginning. One of the most important article writing tips is to conclude strongly. A call for action or something that will make your reader think ad do something is a strong conclusion.

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