appraisalsAppraisals are often dreaded or feared. Employees are allergic to having to do these stuff while supervisors also shudder at the thought of having to evaluate their staff. But hate them or not, they actually can do a lot of good to your company and to your business. It actually depends on how you look at them. Here are some ways on how you should look at appraisals to make them beneficial instead of negative.

7 Ways to positivize appraisals

  1. Review job description.

It is are the chance for employees and supervisors to check if their current job match the description of that when he or she was hired, or what they have agreed and talked about during the job interview. This is also the chance to analyze if an employee is being paid fair. Is he doing more than he is being paid? Or vice versa? Appraisals are done regularly to check if periodically if the job’s result areas are being matched.

  1. Monitor progress.

If it isn’t done regularly or periodically, it will be difficult to move on to the future without further learning. Having it will allow supervisors to pause and check on their people and assess their strengths and weaknesses and their progress. And monitoring performance in appraisals and giving necessary feedback is actually a prerequisite for improvement. How will a person know what not to do and what to continue to do if no one is telling him to do so? An appraisal is  the right avenue for that.

  1. Engage in conversations about relevant news.

Appraisals also provide the venue to exchange pertinent news information about the company or the industry. Here are some important topics that you can discuss:

  • a macro view on the company’s performance for the future and a forecast into the coming times
  • the important modifications in the company that will affect its members
  • opportunities presented to the company in the current market
  • lay out specific plans for each member of the company

Conversing these pertinent information to the company’s employees will help motivate them as well as make them feel part of the family.

  1. Acknowledge good performance.

Appraisals aren’t always about finding mistakes as it is often feared of. It should actually also be about praising the good work of one’s employees. As a manager or supervisor, here are the watch-outs to identify the good performers on your team.

  • identify the one with perfect attendance
  • identify the one who always says yes to whatever task you give
  • identify the one who has grace under pressure
  • identify the one who always is on time on delivery
  • identify the one who takes over when others fail
  • identify the one who can work well without asking for help
  • identify the silent worker
  • identify the silent helper
  • identify the morale booster
  • identify the performer who keeps up the good work even when you’re not watching
  • identify the one who does not hog the limelight
  1. Boost morale.

As related with the previous point, appraisals give the chance for the employees to learn the good things they are doing and therefore lead to boosting of their confidence. These are the conversation-starters you can use during an appraisal.

  • What are the positive points of the company for the year
  • Which task did you enjoy the best
  • Which are your favorite moments
  • Which is the most fulfilling
  • Which did you quickly pick up
  • What are your strengths
  1. Improve the relationship between superior and staff.

According to research, most employees actually rarely see their boss – only around seven to eleven percent every week. But one should not undermine the importance of the relationship between one’s superior and his people. When the relationship is not that well-ironed out, issues will surely arise along the way. Appraisals are the perfect avenue to talk about this.

  1. Map out your future.

An appraisal is also important because they give the chance to plan and organize how management would like to bring forth the company forward. After every evaluation, what’s more important are the next steps to take. This would include plans to solve the current roadblocks to success, plans of the managers to their respective staff, plans related to the key areas for improvement, and even career path plans.

Appraisals are supposed to help individuals and the company alike to improve for the better. That is why they must be appreciated rather than sulked on.

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