application essayApplication essay can be a struggle to write. Some say that there are people who enjoy speaking about themselves. I believe if such people exist, they weren’t staring in a blank sheet of paper to write an essay on for submission the next day. The truth is you enjoy yourself when you can talk freely. However, the moment you’re faced with crucial questions that you needed to answer, everything changes. In an instant, all the reasonable facts you have disappear suddenly. It is understandable how having to write an application essay can cause you to feel agitated. This is because it requires you to analyze yourself in a deeper level. Indeed, an essay requires you to put in effort and keep your focus. Trust me; it’s worth it because the writing process will make you feel so absorbed of what you’re doing, thus rewarding your efforts.

How to Write a Captivating Application Essay

Start your application essay by defining your topic and the biggest and primary idea that you wish to impart to your readers. When choosing a topic, it should be something that you really find of value. The examiners are looking for the students who will be able to bring something valuable and relevant to the table. To be an ideal applicant, you shouldn’t only impress with your application essay. You should also possess a strong experience and valuable character. We are in search for exceptional people who have strong qualities. Your essay should be able to highlight your strengths and what you can possibly contribute.

For an application essay to be considered good, it has to be effective as well. It should be well-written enough to showcase the personal and professional aspects of your personality. We believe it is worth reading if the applicant is able to prove his point of view on a particular subject using acquired knowledge and experience. If you are new and do not possess any valuable experience, you have to drive the focus to what you have and what you can offer as an expert. Know how to present ordinary in an extraordinary way. Your application essay should state your past and where you came from. It should also show how your origin contributed to your personal development. Your essay should also show what you can bring in to the educational process based on what experience you have already acquired.

Before writing your application essay, outline the order of presentation of the details that you have. You should also have a magnetic introduction which can hook your readers. You can start off your essay with a story or an anecdote. You can also begin it by describing a scene or asking a question. The body of your application essay is where your point of view should be developed. I also strongly recommend not to give out standard answers. Remember to reply with all sincerity. Additionally, you should stick to your main point when narrating your application essay. Write with brevity in mind. However, if you’re providing a description of a concrete situation which influenced you, illustrate what happened in full details. If you’re discussing character features, provide examples of how you’ve put them into application and how you’ve developed them. Examples help you avoid your application essay from being too theoretical and boring. You may give opinions on your specific subject but remember to speak with your own voice. Teachers are looking for your personality in your essay so it should shine. Mistakes are unavoidable if it’s your first time to write an application essay, so don’t worry. You’ll be forgiven by your examiners for minor mistakes that you’ve committed. However, if there’s too much of huge and major errors, your essay will perform poorly and be ignored.

With this said, I came up with the following recommendations when writing your application essay:

  1. Write about something that’s hard to prove.
  2. Give your examiner another version of your autobiography
  3. Maintain with and humor in your essay.
  4. Impress your readers with your rich vocabulary.
  5. Commit to making general statements.
  6. Use spell check.
  7. Write about what’s not true.
  8. Avoid redundancy.
  9. Avoid general descriptions without analysis
  10. Be careful when interpreting facts.

Your application essay should have a conclusion that’s connected with your introduction and body. Once you’re done writing, check for grammar, punctuation, logical structure, spelling, and others. Have someone close to you read it and ask for their feedback. Afterwards, your application essay is ready. You’re now ready to share it with everyone!

As someone who has an unquenchable interest for people and the best essay, I am always surprised by the diversity of opinions. I read around 2000 essays every year and check application essays for more than 12 years, but I am never tired of it. And one day I will be glad to read what you have to tell me in your essay.

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