shifting deadlinesShifting deadlines can be a burden to every writer. This term means that even if you have a certain deadline for your assignment, your boss or company might shorten or lengthen that period.

Businesses normally do this to either cope with the needs of their customers, or its own needs. You, as a writer, have to deal with this demand with patience and focus. And it is better to be prepared than to regret it later. You have to know what you need to do before you encounter your boss’ changing deadlines.

What you need to do even before you encounter shifting deadlines

  • If you are already an experienced writer, you already know that you must always anticipate shifting deadlines. This of course depends on your dealings with your employer.

When your boss, on occasion, shifts your deadlines, then you ought to be prepared when you receive your assignment. You have to expect that your boss would shift the deadline of your current assignment. More so if this shifting happens quite frequently. You have to write quickly while making sure that the content is still solid.

  • If you are newly employed and you have just received your first assignment, you don’t have to expect shifting deadlines. However, you still have to work on it as soon as possible. Even if the deadline is a month from now, you might be surprised when you boss demands it a week later.

What you are trying to avoid here is the dissatisfaction of your employer. You need to show them that you are a responsible writer. This also means that you are showing them that you don’t work on your assignment a few days before your deadline. With this preparation, you can submit with a well written work even if you encounter shifting deadlines.

  • If you have more than one employer, you will experience overlapping deadlines. This can also happen even if you only have one. Having a lot of assignments might clog your schedule even if you have planned your work on a daily basis. However, you have to be extra prepared for shifting deadlines.

When you have a lot of assignments piled up, and your employer, or one of them decides to give you another one, start working on it. It doesn’t require you to finish it and leave your older assignments hanging. You can simply start researching on it so when the time comes that you have to write it, you already have your materials for it.

The same goes when you experience shifting deadlines. You might experience that your employer suddenly requires your new assignment to be submit early on. Your researched material will help you start on your work and finish it quickly and submit it on time.

These are some of the things that you should consider when you get an assignment from your employer. These will help you submit on time when you encounter shifting deadlines with quality and well researched work.

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