answering serviceAnswering service is a must in this fast-paced, round the clock connected environment. Nowadays, consumers are highly dependent on the internet and smartphones that they can check out and call your business for products and services anytime. An answering service is a response to the needs of consumers to answer queries, make reservations, and receive complaints even beyond office hours.

However, not every business owner understands the gravity of the need to have an answering service. Some see it as an additional superfluous expense that they can do without. Be a wise business owner. Face the reality that your business needs it regardless of whether it is an answering machine or a third-party business.

3 reasons your business needs an answering service

  • An answering service never lets you miss a phone call.

In the same way that the Baker’s “sorry, we sold our last loaf of bread” in Into The Woods did not work on the enchantress, a “sorry, we’re closed” statement will not work on today’s consumers. If you tell them that you are closed, they will go to the internet and find your competitor.

An answering service is a 24-hour phone service that can receive your call even beyond office hours. The next morning, while you are enjoying your cup of coffee, you will have something to do – respond to these messages. An answering service lets your clients know that even if you are not available to take the call at the moment, they are sure to receive a call from you the next day. It improves your customer service in such manner.

  • It can perform several different tasks.

Unlike a receptionist who has to be in the office and can take one call at a time, an answering service can receive several calls in one time and still perform its task flawlessly. It can receive messages and order, and calendar events even when the business is already closed.

  • It creates the illusion of a big enterprise.

In the minds of consumers, when a business has an answering service, that business is capable of paying additional service for its clients. Hence, it must be a big and successful one. If you want to create this image in the minds of your clients, you definitely need it.

Examining your need for an answering service

There are different services available in the market. To determine which one suits your business best, you have to examine your needs first. What features do you need? Will your answering service simply take calls or would it confirm and change appointments as well?

Aside from this, also compare your latest to those in the market. Determine if you really need a new one or your existing service merely needs an upgrade.

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