activity planActivity plan is the single most necessary thing that the recently unemployed person needs. Losing a job is certainly overwhelming especially to the rational person who always wants to know what’s next in his or her life. But instead of sinking into the pit of despair, one needs to get out of the situation and face reality. It is a nagging feeling- not knowing where you will be the next months or so. The recently unemployed, therefore, needs an activity plan to help him/her move out of his current situation.

There are two plans available to the recently unemployed:

  1. Look for a job similar to your previous employment
  2. Take a chance and explore part-time job opportunities in other fields.

Activity Plan for Those Who Want a Job Similar to Their Previous Employment

A good activity plan is to give the competitors of your previous company a call. Go straight to the authority instead of submitting your resume to the personnel department. Inform them, in a courteous manner, about the services you can render and why you can be a valuable asset to their company. This activity plan is a good way to let them know you in the best possible light. Inform them about your personality traits, educational background and other professional experiences that will make you valuable to them.  Tell them all about your achievements, the things that make you an employee worth having in their company. As much as possible, do not tell them about your failures in the past as this can possibly lower your market value. You want them to see your best attributes.

An activity plan inevitably involves change.  Change can be beneficial, especially in a world that is constantly shifting and moving. Although familiar territory is comforting, you should not be afraid of change. If you come from a large company and feel like it stresses you out to work in such an environment then try to apply in a smaller company. Smaller, but fast growing companies give employees a bigger chance of moving up the career ladder. In bigger companies, there is more competition; therefore there is also more stress in the workplace. This activity plan might be the answer for those who want less stress and those who are seeking promotion. It is said that those who change their place of employment are more likely to be promoted than those who stay in the same workplace all their lives.  This can give you the chance to grow.

Activity Plan for Those Who Want To Explore Job Opportunities in Other Fields

If the previous activity plan does not work for you, then you might want to consider looking for a part- time job. This can help cover your bills while you look for a good full- time job. You can try to apply as a freelancer or as a contractual employee in a company. Paying your bills is an utmost priority and this activity plan will help ensure that you cover that need in your life. A part- time contract in a company can help you in this regard. Your employers, who are responsible for the completion of the project, control the process. This gives you the time to work towards getting a more stable and sustainable full-time job. This activity plan is convenient in the sense that you do not need to find a part–time job in the same field you have worked in.  Also, you do not need to include these in your resume in the future unless they can be beneficial to you.

It is not the end of the world if you lose your job. An activity plan will help you get your life back on track and will give light to an otherwise dim future.

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