affiliate marketing tipAffiliate marketing tip can help you increase your profits by showing you different ways on how to effectively market affiliate products. If you search for tips on the Internet, you will see a wide variety of tips and strategies. Among all those choices, writing a free eBook is an affiliate marketing tip that you should definitely try out. This tip would teach you how to get started on your eBook and tell you how you could maximize your profit with it.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Use your free eBook to market your business

A free eBook could work for you in two ways, if you do them right. This affiliate marketing tip advises that you do both in every free eBook that you write and publish.

Promote affiliate links in your eBook. You can directly mention affiliate links or products in your eBook but make sure to put it where appropriate. You can casually mention the product in one of your chapters, or maybe review the product as part of your book. Alternatively, you can place these links and products under the Additional Resources section at the end of the book.

Link your content site in the eBook.  You can provide a link that would direct the readers to your site, where they would find additional information about the product or a review page. Once your readers are in your website, you get the opportunity to show them your other affiliate products or get them to sign up for your newsletter.

Affiliate marketing tip #2: How to start make your eBook

If you haven’t written an eBook before, you might find this affiliate marketing tip a bit daunting. But we all have to start somewhere, right? There’s no need to worry because this tip would give you a step by step guide on how to get started on your very first eBook.

* Find a topic that you are adequately familiar with and decide on the theme of your book. According to this affiliate marketing tip, you have to know what people are looking for specifically about the particular topic. Ask yourself what do your potential readers want to know? For example if the theme of your book is about parenting, what are the parenting topics that they usually ask about? Once you have an idea about what they are interested in, then you write about that.

* Create an outline and group the articles that you have written per category or topic. Then you could expand on them a bit while incorporating your affiliate products or links. This affiliate marketing tip recommends that your eBook should have around 25 pages in it.

* Once you have the content covered, it’s time to fix the format. Most tips would suggest that you keep your font size large enough to be easily read on a computer or phone screen. You can use software to make an eBook, or you could just make it into a PDF document using Microsoft Acrobat and other PDF converters. The latter is better because the file format works on any computer. You can add graphics and pictures to make the eBook more interesting.

*Lastly, you need to get people to read your eBook. Offer it as a freebie for subscribing to your newsletter, or as a free download in your website. You can also give it for free to other website owners.

Follow these simple yet effective affiliate marketing tips and you would see affiliate sales coming in within just a few weeks.

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