affiliate marketing basicsAffiliate marketing basics are what you need to know if you would like to earn money quickly online, but you yourself are aware that you are not that digitally savvy. Affiliate marketing itself may sometimes be quite confusing and complicated, that is why you should study the basics first.

Affiliate marketing basics: What is affiliate marketing?

Have you heard that you can earn money through commissions just by putting up a link in your website or in your email? That’s affiliate marketing for you.

First things first in affiliate marketing basics, is the definition of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a now popular marketing strategy online that is performance based. It is because the business gives rewards to its affiliates that bring in visitors or customers to the company.

Knowing the basics may make this seemingly complicated marketing strategy into a simple one. Now let’s see what else you need to know about the basics.

Definitions in affiliate marketing basics

Let us begin discussing these basics through first defining important terms. Affiliate marketing basics would include getting to know its key players:

  • The merchant – the retailer, company, or the advertiser who is selling a brand, product or service
  • The affiliate – the publisher or the partner, is the other company or person who helps in promoting the merchant’s products and earns money as commission for doing such
  • The network – which houses the offers for the publishers to choose from; takes care of the payments, tracks the sales and commissions, as well as account management services
  • The customer – the target market

Affiliate marketing basics: how to be an affiliate

Of course a key factor in the affiliate marketing basics is how to be one. Being an affiliate starts with the choice between selling a product and doing the account management. But do not be surprised when in the end, you actually end up doing both. If you go for selling the product, the advertiser will refer you to the one who services account management for them. If you go for the account management service, then they will give you a list of merchants that they service.

Affiliate marketing basics: choosing a merchant

Being an affiliate is easy if you love the product or brand that you will be advertising. You may easily check online to see if your well-loved brands or products are offering affiliate programs. You just have to go to their website and look for the word “affiliate” in their menu bar. Research on their program requirements and submit your application. There are some companies that require a certain kind of website where they want to feature their product links. Just wait for their email response after you have submitted your application.

If you are not sure with what kind of product to market, or you have a lot of products in mind, why don’t you browse the current participating merchants on the website of the account management services provider.

It is recommended that you go for products or services that you know and love. This way it will be easier for you to promote the products or services to your site visitors, plus you can even add a little something to the link description that you want them to click. Personal recommendations from someone people trust are a good source of product awareness.

Now that you know the affiliate marketing basics, all you have to do next is get in front of that computer and start earning now!

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