advertising agency softwareAdvertising agency software are being developed more and more. There are now a good number of software designed to make the work of adverting agencies a lot easier. These software make work a lot more efficient. They save you time as you conduct business. There are specific tasks that a business can expect from its software. Here, we’ll be discussing them in this article.

What You Want Your Advertising Agency Software to Do

You want your advertising agency software to be as efficient as possible. It has to be able to perform tasks with less time and effort. By doing this, you guarantee the potential of earning big profits. So, what are these tasks?

First off, your advertising agency software can create estimates and quotes. It has to be able to invoice and schedule these for client approval. Also, you want a software that can prepare drafts. These are vital for your new publicity materials. These are important for annual reports to be reviewed. The software should also manage client feedback from direct mail materials. It should track milestone dates of each important project. It must create project timelines. It should prepare and review media plans. You want a software that can prepare a storyboard presentation for your clients. It should be able to prepare market research. It can schedule project tasks. It can review rough cuts.

Your advertising agency software should manage external and prospect clients’ requests. Aside from all of these, it should schedule media. It should track expenses. It takes into consideration the expenses and plan. It analyzes resource usage. One more thing that your software should do is your accounting. It must check your books. Can you find a software that serves all these purpose? You’d have a bright future ahead of you then.

Available Advertising Agency Software

There are a number of software out there that can be helpful to an advertising agency. All of them can be helpful to a certain aspect of the agency. These are:

Graphic Design Software. For this, an advertising agency can purchase software. Macromedia Design Suite or Adobe Creative Suite are good examples. These software are good for basic graphic designs. They can create story boards. All the other aspects of creatively designing a business’ publicity materials can be done too.

Audio and Video Editing Software. Are you creating commercials? Whether for radio or TV, it first has to go through the approval of the client. Now, you would need editing software. This is important if editing needs to be done before submitting it to a production company.

Office Applications. Microsoft Office has a lot to offer. It has spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Word. All of these are helpful to any type of business.

Contact Manager. Systems like this are essential. They help keep track of customers’ information. Most high-end companies utilize Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Email Client. You have a lot of options for this. The most popular is Outlook. Outlook has scheduling capabilities for meetings. It can handle distribution lists. It keeps public folders. It can even flag all emails from specific clients. Outlook provides your basic content management.

Project Management, Time and Expense Tracking Software. Advertising agencies work with a lot of customers. They need software that can keep track of each project. It should have a software that can manage time and money allotted to the projects. These software should be able to track working time of each employee. They can use split rates, multiple rates, raw materials, and outsourced invoices.

Accounting Software. For small businesses, a standard accounting software should do. It should be able to provide invoicing. It can handle accounts receivable and accounts payable. It has general ledger function. However, as the company grows bigger, it might need other functions. For instance, multiple currencies and tax codes.

What’s to Come for Advertising Agency Software?

The advertising agency software that’s now knocking on people’s doors is extranet. It’s a software specifically designed for advertising software. It can perform tasks. It can handle contact management, and time and expense tracking. It does project management, and scheduling and email management. In some cases, it’s even possible to connect it with the company’s accounting software. Extranet also has client service. This has replaced the formerly popular system of forums.

With extranet, all members working with the project can access it. Even when they are in a different part of the world. They can do so in real time, too. Aside from this, they can edit documents. They can edit the audio and video of each project. Through this, advertising agencies save time. Because of advertising agency software such as this, we are saved from lag time. It can perform more tasks that can help improve our businesses.

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