advantages of paintingAdvantages of painting when refurbishing a facility over replacing will reflect on the costs. If you are a business looking into replacing a warehouse, you should look at its advantages instead of acquiring a new one. Before you give the go signal to start replacing anything, take into mind the factors that will affect your business’ operations. So what are its advantages over replacement? Read on to find out.

Advantages of Painting: Lower Direct Cost

Compared to replacement, one of the major advantages of painting or refurbishing is lower direct cost. Let’s break it down first. Replacing a facility entails new materials, labor costs and installation that will eat up a lot of financial resources. You cannot control or cut down costs when you are already building the facility. If you forget one component during budgeting, you cannot simply remove that because the budget will not be able to accommodate it. This will drive up the direct cost of the project.

The lower direct cost as one of the advantages of painting takes over replacement on that part. Painting doesn’t require that much manpower. That alone slashes your budget. The costs of materials is also one of the advantages. Compared to replacement, you do not spend much in material costs.

Advantages of Painting: Reduced Indirect Costs

The reduced indirect costs is also one of the advantages of painting over replacement. Yes, replacement is costly when we speak of direct costs, but indirect costs prove to be the biggest money-burning factor. The indirect cost of replacement involves company downtime and that will affect the business. The cost of idle workers and machines while the replacement is on-going will make a huge dent in operations. A business can lose thousands of dollars or more due to idle workers and machines.

One of the major advantages of painting or refurbishing is you can work out a schedule. You do not need to stop operations just because you are refurbishing. A good service provider for your painting needs can fit their work schedules around your time of operations. This means downtime will be minimized and will result to a lot of savings on indirect costs.

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