ad swap
ad swap

Ad swap is one of the best ways to build your network while also increasing your earnings. And all this is free.

There is a much less used method you can use in building your mailing list for no additional fees. This method is called “utilizing subscribers to get subscribers,” more like the adage “spend money to make money”.

This straightforward list building method can be explained with these words: ad swap.

How Ad Swap Works

Generally, you trade ads with eZine publishers specifically with those who have a mailing list that is as big as yours or ones who have a larger mailing list. You relay the eZine publisher’s ad to mailing list while he or she endorses yours to his or her list. In other words, what you are doing is basically cross endorsing each other or your offers to the people in your mailing list. This is called an ad swap.

The result of course is that you grow list and he gets to grow his own mailing list. It’s basically a win-win. Doing an ad swap does not require you to pay any money at all so this means it can be done free of charge. The return is getting subscribers – an infinite number of subscribers for that matter.

There is only a need to do this with an eZine publisher and you’d get access to his subscribers and once you do, you will be able to follow up on these leads. You won’t have to rely on your mailing list’s boundaries anymore because you’ve basically grown it.

The main goal of an ad swap is for you to get as many people to subscribe to your list from the eZine publisher’s. And of course, because he is doing this with you, that will be his goal, too.

Do an ad swap with different people and soon enough, you will be able to build a large pool of people to send your commercial emails to.

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