ad copy secretsAd copy secrets are needed by many entrepreneurs to boost the image of their business. There are many secrets being suggested by many experts but which ones are the most reliable? I have compiled the top secrets that are foolproof and can bring your business to greater heights.

The Most Effective Ad Copy Secrets

  • Personalize.

The usual ad copy secrets make use of printed text and graphics. Instead of directly printing your advertisement, incorporate a personalized touch by making it handwritten. Publish a scanned copy of your handwritten letter to make the readers feel closer to you and improve your sales.

  • Make use of celebrity branding.

This is probably one of the most commonly used ad copy secrets. Every time people see famous personalities using products and service they quickly surmise that these products and services are of good quality. Produce a list of well-known and credible personalities that has already availed your products or services. Make sure that the people you get are relatable to your target market. You can also try to get their testimonials regarding your brand and a number of people are sure to follow suit.

  • Illustrate what your product or service can do for the customers.

One of the rules for ad copy secrets is that sometimes it is much better to see what the brand can do for you instead of reading long lines of text that can be fabricated. Take before and after pictures of people who have availed your brand. Use pictures that clearly show the problem and how it was resolved using your brand.

  •  Boost your credibility with reviews.

Making use of ad copy secrets is futile if your company doesn’t have a good reputation. Publish positive reviews written about your company so that potential clients will place their trust on your company.

  • Everyone loves bonuses.

One of the ad copy secrets that are hard to resist is offering the sweetest deals to customers. Offering bonuses such as adding an additional item for free upon buying the product attract a lot of people. Indicate the value of the additional item so that they will think they are getting a good deal on their purchase.

  •  Give back to the people.

The purpose of ad copy secrets are more than just gaining profits for the business. Allotting a certain percentage of your profits to charitable institutions will inspire people to buy more and help your cause.

  • Ask relevant questions.

Some ad copy secrets stimulate thinking. Asking a lot of questions that will make them think about their dilemma and how your product or service will help them will surely make your mark on their memories.

  • Retain focus on your advertisement.

People only browse through advertisements unless something grabs their attention. Using ad copy secrets such as games and prizes that make the audience read your advertisement longer increases chances of purchasing the product.

Ad Copy Secrets should work for you, not against you

These secrets are meant to increasing the chances of customers buying the product. Make sure that the ad copy secrets you employ are targeted to the right audience and will give the right idea about your product or service so that your efforts will not end up being useless.

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