actionAction is the best antidote for inaction.

There are times in a businessman’s life when he feels lethargic and is likely to allow matters to run their course. However, successful businessmen know how to snap out of it quickly and rise to it once more.

To avert inactivity, action is needed.  You cannot be simply immobilized by a sudden drop in sales due to a bad economy, a calamity or some unexpected turn of events. No matter what happens, you have to get over the state of inertia and act.

Action is the best medicine for stress, fear, depression, anxiety and all kinds of related conditions. Studies show that people who occupy themselves with something, whether it be with studies, business or hobbies, are less likely to succumb to depression than those who don’t. Being active also allows one’s creative juices to flow. Spending your time doing nothing can get you moping and sulking. It creates a room for you to think about negative thoughts that could lead to self-pity or worse, depression. People have this misconception that lack is the result of depression. It is rather the opposite. Lack of it spurs depression.

Complaining cannot also get you anywhere. Action does. Think about it. Can mumbling words or releasing your angst to the world get you out of the situation you are currently in? Will doing so make your condition better? If you complain instead of acting, you won’t get anywhere and you can even be digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Don’t let fear get in the way of you taking action

Some people fail to take it out of fear. They fear committing mistakes. They fear being ridiculed. They fear having to rectify any errors. However, you need to understand that it is  also the best antidote to fear. Do not be like these people whose fear prevents them from taking action. Do not let fear immobilize you. Instead, take your fear as simply a challenge that you need to overcome.

It gives you momentum. It attracts positivity, optimism and dynamism. Inaction, on the other hand, prevents productivity, retards growth and attracts negativity. It is evident that not acting can impede your business.

You hold the ball

As a person solely in charge of your life, you are the one who can chart your course. The ball is in your hands. Remember that taking action means taking control. Get ahead of the situation, gather your strength and face any problem or situation head on. Eventually, this attitude will see you through. If you just sit where you are now and let inaction eat you up from inside, you’ll likely awake to the realization that you’ve lost opportunities that could’ve otherwise take your business farther.

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