successful writing careerSuccessful writing career doesn’t happen by magic, though most people think that’s the case. If you’re a beginner writer who thinks that a successful career can come easily by chance, then you should rethink your direction. It’s a product of your personal will, hard work and a lot of discipline.

As a writer, you probably look up to men and women who have had successful writing careers. I have a friend who has a long and successful career as a published novelist. Many people my friend about the secret to a successful career.

The secret to a successful writing career

My friend and I were sitting on the same panel at a writing conference. We usually expect the same type of questions from bright-eyed and eager novices. They tend to ask variations of “What is the secret to your success?”

My friend is the one who often answers, because she’s the most successful out of all of us. She also always gives the best answer.

Whenever she answers the question about the secret to a successful writing career, she’d build suspense and even swear the crowd to secrecy. After repeating a question and giving a dramatic pause, she’d give the answer: “The BIC Method”.

We’d all grin. It sounds mysterious, but “BIC” actually stands for “Butt in Chair”. The secret to a successful writing career is all about working on your desk.

The Butt in Chair Method

What does this method involve? To succeed as a writer, you have to dedicate time each day to writing. You have to plant yourself on your desk chair in front of your computer, and write whatever you can write.

And it’s important that you do so regardless of your mood. Whether or not you are motivated, inspired, or even paid for that job, the trick is to keep writing.

The benefits of regular writing can truly help you achieve a successful writing career. Regular writing can drastically improve your writing. The continuous practice and output give you the space to hone your skills and experiment with new writing styles.

Regular writing also increases the quantity of work you produce, which is essential for a successful writing career. This can happen in two ways. Firstly, forcing yourself to write multiple pages a day automatically generates greater quantity. And secondly, the discipline you instill in yourself through time makes it easier for you to achieve your daily minimum. That way, you can step up your minimum daily goal in the future.

Achieving your successful writing career

The benefits of improved quality and increased quantity of your writing directly impacts your opportunities. With better content, you have more to market to the reading and publishing public. Greater exposure means greater chances of a successful writing career.

It’s true that the BIC Method is simple. But a simple career is the key success in a writing career. It’s not something that eager and rash beginners would believe in. But it’s an incredibly effective technique.


If you love to write, then dedicate yourself to hard work and practice. In no time, you’ll be on the road to a successful writing career.

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