creative writingCreative writing is fun. What people often neglect to tell you is that while it is fun, it can be tough. It is not for the faint of heart. Here is a tale of a student who ventured into writing in his college years.

Taking Creative Writing Classes

There are times in your College life when your extra hours for elective classes needed to be filled. This is what happened in this story. Word was around that the professor teaching Creative Writing was doing well at his job. So the student signed up for his class, thinking it would be cool. Little did he know that he was up for a challenge. With zero background on the subject, he took the plunge.  He described his experience in Creative Writing classes as one of the most difficult episodes of his college life.

According to him, he found out on his first day of classes that most of his classmates were English Majors and Art Majors. He was intimidated by the thought of being surrounded by them. He knew that they were eating poetry and short fiction for breakfast. So he looked at his syllabus in Creative Writing with great anxiety. He even computed his credits for graduation the night after his first class to see if there was a way out. He thought maybe he could make it to graduation without having to take the class. However, he found out he needed the credits.

Since he was also somewhat curious about his classmates, he took the chance. He attended the second day of class. Indeed, as he had foreseen, it was tough. Every day, he found himself getting scared and excited at the same time. There was fear in him because there were requirements needed to be fulfilled every meeting. He was enthusiastic, however, of the challenges he faced.

From poetry to short story to scripts

The first half of the semester was dedicated entirely to poetry. The student in our story, now hooked in Creative Writing, burned the midnight oil writing poems. He envied his classmates who seemed not to have a hard time writing poems. The aim of poetry was to produce ten poems, each having different criterion. Fortunately, he lived up to the task.

Next came the time to turn his attention to producing short stories and scripts. The rest of the semester in Creative Writing was spent for such. Just like with the poetry class, he struggled to make it to the end of the semester alive. Guess what? He did!

Lesson learned

From this story, you are given a glimpse of how difficult Creative Writing must be. However, the story also inspires you to keep going and trying. In the end, it would all be worth it. In fact, while the author said that it was one of the toughest, he also mentioned that it proved to be the most rewarding! So go on and take Creative Writing for your next class!

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