doctor excuseDoctor excuse is not that bad if you treat it as a life saver. There are a lot of people who put so much into their jobs that they forget to mind about their well-being. Workaholics should realize that it can do wonders for their sanity.

Why is a doctor excuse beneficial?

There are people who are so consumed by their work and other responsibilities that they forget taking breaks. The list of things to be done is endless. Taking care of the kids, beating deadlines at work, bills that have to be paid, and even pleasing your spouse. However, if you let all these things consume your every waking hour, who takes care of you? Taking a doctor excuse from time to time isn’t a bad thing. Remember those times at school when you use the excuse to get away from a pop quiz or other pressing issues? Being an adult and making it every now and then will not hurt anyone.

Health is wealth. If you let yourself be swarmed by the thought of finishing every deadline ahead of time will not do well for you. Work and other responsibilities will be there. Yes, it is a good thing that you perform well and do not neglect your responsibilities. But there’s also a way to take a break without making your superiors think that you are slacking. And at the rate of the economy, we cannot afford to get fired. A doctor excuse will let you off the hook without your workmates thinking that you are not doing your job.

Calling in sick without actually being sick will give you the chance to take a breather. Armed with this excuse, you give yourself the much needed time to just think about your welfare. You can spend the day lounging at home or doing something else to relax. The choices are endless if you have a doctor excuse. What’s important is you give time for yourself to take a break because there’s a limit to the pressure that your mind and body can take. We don’t want you going crazy either. So the best way to go is to talk to a friendly physician and get a doctor excuse.

Getting it is not that hard. Doctors care for our health and they will oblige if given the right reasons. Of course a migraine will not do it for your boss, a serious case of colds or a flu may cut it. Just inform your physician that your doctor excuse will be used for a good reason.

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