article writing tipsArticle writing tips matter if you want your publisher to notice your work. Getting an article done and getting a publisher to print it are two different stories. These tips are there to help you increase your chances of getting your article published. You will surely benefit from knowing these seven tips by heart.

Article Writing tips every author ought to remember

If you are not able to get the approval of your publisher, ask yourself why. These article writing tips will address what might be your publisher’s concern:

  1. Keep your article length within the range of 500-800 words.

These tips shared by successful writers say the same thing. Never bore your readers out. A lengthy piece may dissuade them from reading. Break your article up into series if you cannot fit everything you want to say in an 800-word piece.

For your resource box, 5-6 lines will be long enough. Remember that the purpose of the resource box is to encourage people to ask for more information. It is never meant to be a selling spiel. If you want to have a lengthy advertisement, buy an advertising space instead.

  1. Take note of how you format the lines in your article.

The lines in your article need to be formatted in such a way that it contains only 60-65 characters. The same is true for your resource box. This is one of the most forgotten article writing tips by writers. As a consequence, their article appears as having lines with uneven lengths. It simply does not look good on emails. There are websites that offer formatting tips for free. Take advantage of them just as you take heed of these article writing tips.

  1. Make your article worthy to read.

No tips will forget to tell you this important fact. All publishers want articles full of useful information. No publisher would accept a mere press release or sales letter. If you don’t want your work to be rejected, make efforts to make your article a quality read.

  1. Always ensure that the links you provided in your article are active.

Do not submit your article to your publisher without verifying if the links mentioned there are active. Otherwise, your publisher will be annoyed upon clicking on a link that does not work. All article writing tips demand writers to be extra-diligent in their work.

  1. Check for errors in your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Before you submit your article, make sure it is error-free. Otherwise, it will just land on the thrash folder. An article full of errors will make your publisher think that you are unprofessional.

  1. Check if your article contains SPAM Triggers.

Among article writing tips mentioned here, this is not necessary. However, if you want to impress your publisher, do it. Run your article through a program that will check it for SPAM triggers.

  1. Follow the guidelines set by your publisher.

Among the 7 writing tips, this tip is basic. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning. If you fail to follow your publisher’s guidelines, you’ll end up being rejected.

Why follow these article writing tips

These article writing tips are for you to follow. If you ignore them as insignificant, you are also causing a disrespect to your publisher and readers. They deserve a quality work. Give them just that and the rewards will be great!

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