telephone techniquesTelephone techniques are our way of reaching out to our customers. Making a great first impression will go a long way. Nobody wants to deal with someone who is rude, that’s why property courtesy should always be remembered when handling telephone calls.

Effective Telephone Techniques

  1. Put a smile on your face so that the person at the other end of the call will sense energy in your voice. You should greet the customers with enthusiasm because it is contagious. When you do telephone techniques like this, you will find that the caller enjoys talking to you and you have already established rapport.
  2. A good telephone technique is to listen attentively. Listening and listening attentively are two different things. You should also listen without interrupting for the first few seconds. It might be tempting to interrupt a storyteller but do not do that until he or she has established the concern. Patiently listen and understand what the caller wants but make sure to not let the conversation get out of hand.
  3. Respond appropriately. One of the more effective telephone techniques that you should master is responding with the appropriate emotions. You cannot express empathy when the caller is ecstatic. You should match the emotion of your caller but do not be overly dramatic. Just be natural with your responses.
  4. It is also one of the most telephone techniques to make your caller feel good. Even if he or she is asking dumb questions, do not call them stupid. Go out of your way to address their concern without sounding like you can do something more productive than talking to them. This telephone technique will make your caller feel that they can trust you with whatever concern.
  5. Never sound annoyed. Telephone techniques like this is very important for customer service representatives. Even if you are having a bad day and an irate caller is at the other end of the line, do not lose your cool. Just be your friendly self and address the concern of the caller. Make sure that you remember this telephone technique because not every day is a walk in the park. There will be trying times but you should always give your caller your best.

Apart from the aforementioned telephone techniques, you should also bear in mind that ending a call will also make a lasting impression. The most important telephone technique to remember when ending a call is to make the most out of your closing spiel. Ask the caller if there’s anything else that you could help with and end the call with a note of appreciation. Always end every call on a high note so that both of you will be in a positive mood. And remember, it is always polite to let the caller hang up first.

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