customer needsCustomer needs and their satisfaction is the number one guarantee of every business. You cannot have a successful business if you cannot meet their needs. We are all in the business of selling a product or a service and customer satisfaction is our foremost goal. Nobody puts up a business just to have it fail. Meeting customer needs will result to repeat customers and high feedback rating.

How to ensure that you have met customer needs?

  1. Be polite and give undivided attention. A sure way to meet their needs is being polite and giving them full attention. Giving a customer your undivided attention will reflect that every customer is special and not taken for granted. It is also important to use their name when talking to them so that they will feel that you really are paying attention.
  2. Meeting customer needs can sometimes mean giving them what they didn’t ask for. Going beyond what is needed and surprising them is excellent customer service. However, these surprises have to remain extra and not how you do usual transactions so that the element of surprise will remain. If you liked a repeat customer and you want to do something good, surprise them.
  3. Be detail oriented. Meeting customer needs mean attending to little things and not just looking for a sale. These little things are the factors that doesn’t really affect your main service but you still take care of. For example, addressing every employee with respect and not talking down to people will make your customers feel more at ease. Sparkling washrooms doesn’t significantly affect a sale, but customers will value your extra effort in making them feel comfortable in the cleanliness of your business. These are not basic customer needs but they will show your customers that you take care of the little things, so how much more with the big ones?
  4. Anticipate customer’s needs. When operating a business, you do not just answer to the concerns presented by the customer, you must also anticipate their needs. If there are customers with special concerns or elderlies having a hard time doing something, your staff should anticipate these needs and respond to the best of their abilities.
  5. Satisfying customer needs mean they always get a “YES”. Even if you cannot give them what they want right at that moment, you should let them know that you will give it to them the soonest possible time. Meeting customers’ needs is letting them know that they are the priority and if you do not have the capacity to answer to their concern, make sure that you lead them to the one who can.

There are a lot of ways to satisfy customer needs. All you need is the patience to handle every concern and to address them properly. The five secrets to satisfying their needs are less popular than the others, but they are more effective in giving customer satisfaction.

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