highly successful authorsHighly successful authors are not born talented and triumphant. They come from different walks of life, and have gone through incredible experiences. Do you want to be one of the world’s successful authors?

Successful authors have habits. They have a sort of ritual which they do daily to help get them where they are today. Here are some of the practices highly successful authors have which you may adapt in your own journey to your first publication.

Highly successful authors write about something they care about.

You cannot write about something that you do not want to write. You cannot put and maintain your focus on a topic that is far from your heart. Highly successful authors have an emotional connection with the work they do. To be one of the most successful authors, choose or write about a topic you are passionate about. If you are a dog lover, write a fiction book ala 101 Dalmatians. If you love to go on adventures, get inspiration from your trips and write a story like the movie Big Fish.

Highly successful authors are not afraid to take risks.

When you are a writer, countless numbers of challenges will come your way. Highly successful authors did not get awards and acknowledgements by slacking off in a couch. They became popular not because they got lucky but because they went beyond the norms and faced criticisms head on. Successful authors are also not afraid to speak their minds. When you are facing difficulties, never back down. Stick your head out, present yourself with dynamism, and go beyond expectations.

Highly successful authors take time to plan.

In any type of work, planning is crucial. Event planners plan to keep parties organized. Sales officers plan to keep their sales pitch on point. In the similar way, well-known authors plan their books before they actually write the story.

Planning helps maintain organization from the ‘Once upon a time’ till ‘The End’. Fiction writers use an outline to keep their characters, their backgrounds, and settings in check. Non-fiction writers also plan to keep each chapter as detailed and informative as possible.

Yes, some writers would say that once you begin the first paragraph, all things fall into place. It is quite true especially when one is in the mood. Yet, despite this, highly successful authors still choose to plan their books. Take a look at J.K. Rowling. She spent 5 years outlining the entire Harry Potter series. She did not write a draft yet. She simply created an outline to keep things organized.

Highly successful authors write regularly.

One way to develop a habit is to do it regularly. Highly successful authors cannot live without writing even just a sentence in a day. Writing to them is like breathing. It is a necessity to continuously develop their writing skill.

There will be times when you do not feel like writing, as if you are allergic to your pen and paper or laptop. When this happens, still try to face this feeling. Still make time to sit every day to write.

Highly successful authors work hard.

Any successful person did not get triumphant overnight. They worked their ass off to get where they are. They did not stop working when they think that they have done enough work. To be ‘enough’ is not sufficient to be highly successful. You need your work to be the best it can be.


Apart from being hardworking, highly successful authors are also persistent. They never stop trying. When their work gets rejected, they do not back out of the game. To be one of those  successful authors, you should also be persevering. When your work gets rejected by one publishing house, do not worry. Simply submit a copy to another publisher. Just remember that highly successful authors are never quitters. Who knows, you may be the next J.K Rowling or George R.R. Martin.

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