career changeCareer change is all about defying challenges, overcoming risks, and getting closer to your dream. However, there’s always that negative statement that always ready to bring you down. They are myths passed from one generation to generation that continue to haunt us today, making us scared to pursue a career change.

The following myths, however laughable they are, still preoccupy and create fear to lots of people who are on the verge of quitting jobs and having a change of career:

Myth #1: There’s always no money in things you are passionate about.

Called as the “grand-daddy of all career myths” and the oldest “career change” killer, this belief that doing a thing you are passionate about should remain only as a mere  “passion” and must never be confused with “career.” But change experts and successful business owners alike counter it with a popular but very reasonable adage, “When you choose to do a thing you really are passionate about, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Makes sense. Isn’t it more exciting to wake up in the morning doing things you really love?  Wouldn’t you feel like just playing and never toiling if you’re making money out of something you excel at? Career change is all about chasing your dream.

Myth #2: Change of career and bad economy don’t go together well.

Putting your future in the hands of the economy will surely ruin your plans. Moreover, believing that doing a business while the economy’s bad will bring you nowhere in terms of success. However, think about this: Why are there many successful businesses in third-world countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malta? Don’t let “national economy” stop you from doing a career change and following your dreams.

Myth #3: Change of career is synonymous to uncertainty.

Baby boomers have always believed that the key to success is by having a secure, regular job. For them, it is all about uncertainty, especially if you think of shifting gears when you have already built a name in your current work. The assurance of finding the same success again in a different company or industry is never a sure thing. But career experts believe that career change must always be motivated by a clear principle that there’s always a better, more specific opportunity waiting for you somewhere. You can’t shift gears if you let yourself be overwhelmed by fear and uncertainties.

Myth #4: If you think of doing a career change, back-up plan is a must.

Our grandparents have seen many things like war, joblessness, and poverty that they’ve come to a point that they seem to fear everything. Hence, they tend to couple their decisions with prudence—they always have a back-up plan. However, in this day and age, excessive cautiousness can just divide our attention and harm our career change plans. Business and career experts say that focus is the key to a successful change of career. You can’t cross two roads at the same time.

Myth #5: ‘Dream job’ is not for everyone, and so is change of career.

For some people, thinking of career change when you already have a good salary, position, or job security is overindulgence. They believe that achieving your ‘dream job’ is only for people who are destined for it.  However, for experts, a dream job is not something you just dream about. It is something you work for, something you choose to follow and achieve even if it means sacrificing a secured job, a high salary, a high position, or defying notions and norms. If doing a career change and following your dream will make you happy, then do not hesitate about doing it—success is all about doing what your really love.

Obviously, there are many myths out there. They will come from everywhere—from your cynical coworker, from your traditional from your parents, from your aging boss, from social media websites and even from books. At the end of the day, you are still the king of your life; you know what’s good and what’s not for you. If you feel like quitting on your job and doing something else, just do it, take a leap of faith, a great career change.

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