writing techniquesWriting techniques are important to apply and master because they help you become a great writer. Writing is an important skill you must learn. Do not abhor those college papers you need to finish before the semester ends because more than other skills, you need to know how to write effectively. After college, you will be required to write presentations and reports among other things. If you failed to put attention to writing techniques in college, chances are, you will be writing the worst pieces at work.

You say you are not a journalism or communications student, hence, you really do not need much of writing. Writing is a basic form of communication. Thus, writing techniques are useful not only for journalism students but also for everyone.

Here are a few techniques that will help you finish an A-grade article or report.

Writing techniques 1: plan before you write

A lot of students these days would say that this generation is much of a go-getter, hence, planning will not really be of help. Regardless of what your generation is, planning is an essential part of writing. World-renowned authors were not given awards for failure to plan. Rather, their work is recognized because they put so much attention into planning that their articles and researches became foolproof.

All writing techniques begin with the planning stage. Planning your article or essay will help you organize your thoughts and make you see the bigger picture. Planning, however, does not always mean having a traditional form of outline. Most writing techniques these days will just tell you to make a mind map of your essay because that is what planning really is. Think of your thesis statement and how will you answer every aspect of it. That is how you plan for your essay.

Writing techniques 2: use rhetoric

For some, this is one of the most difficult writing techniques but for others, it is quite the contrary. Rhetoric is the art of communicating with your readers. You pose a question or raise a statement that does not really answer a question but instead makes readers ponder on something. Posing rhetorical questions in your essay can help grasp the attention of a reader.

To be a rhetorical writer, you have to develop the following writing techniques: correctness, propriety and ornateness. You need to have a command of the English language, consider your audience or readers, and be eloquent in writing your sentences. Use figures of speech and metaphors in writing.

Writing techniques 3: insert quotations

Sometimes, no matter how well you understand a sentence, you cannot rephrase it in another manner. That is when you must use quotations. Quotes make your essays more informative and easy to understand. This is also one of the most helpful techniques applicable not only in writing but in preparing the layout of your article as well.

Writing techniques 4: proofread

All writing techniques will tell you to proofread your work. If you are thinking of skipping it because your MS Word has a spell checker, you are making one of the biggest mistakes a writer can ever make. Do not trust the spell checker. Your spell checker will just review spelling but not grammar itself. It will not tell you when your and you’re, and it and it’s are misused. Hence, always check and reread your work before submitting it to your professor.

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