power packed headlinesPower packed headlines translate to sales. If you are the target customer and you see a power packed headline, it will make you read on.  And if it interests you, it will make you buy whatever it’s selling.

They say that curiosity killed the cat and it just doesn’t hold true for our feline friends. Humans are innately curious, and if you bank on them, it will sure boost your business. Power packed headlines will be your ticket to tickling the curiosity of your target.

Experts in marketing know that these headlines in direct mail campaigns are of the same impact as being featured on a newspaper’s front page. The difference is, they produce sales. So how do you make these powerful headlines in order to make money?

Creating Power Packed Headlines

  1. Determine your Target Market

Knowing who you are targeting is the first step in creating power packed headlines. You cannot create these headlines if you are shooting bullets at different directions. Knowing and being aware about the needs of your target market will give you focus. It will be easier to think of power packed headlines because you already know how to pique their curiosity.

It is imperative to get to know who you are talking before writing your headlines. When your target market feels that you are aware of their needs and they can relate to your headline, they will more likely read further. If you have a mailing list of career or working women, you can use words that they can identify with.

  1. Assert your Offer

Power packed headlines should scream to your target market. Not in a bad way but in a way that will make them raise their eyebrows. You should be assertive in creating headlines. Make your target read them and read further. Power packed headlines make the reader do something about what they are reading. If you cannot make people do something and they just scroll to the next one, then you failed in creating powerful headlines.

  1. Highlight the Best Part of your Offer

When creating power packed headlines, you should highlight the best aspect of your offer. What makes your offer different? Why will someone patronize you over the one he or she is already using?             Is your product or service cheaper, more unique, or better in quality? Highlight the unique qualities of what you’re selling and make this the basis in creating power packed headlines. Whatever it is that makes your product unique, emphasize that so your reader will investigate further.

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