successful outsourcingSuccessful outsourcing involves a lot of research. Taking a part of your business to an outsourced partner entails a lot of work and considerations. There are many requirements to be fulfilled so you don’t fail. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure success in outsourcing.

How to Go About Successful Outsourcing

  1. Determine if there really is a need to outsource.

Successful outsourcing means making a facet of your business work more efficiently by outsourcing services. Before you do so, you must fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. You should have an intimate understanding of the current business processes before you venture into outsourcing. . Is it IT services? Human Resources? Why is there a need to outsource? Can we first introduce other options first before venturing out? These are the questions you have to ask yourself because they are critical to successful outsourcing.

  1. Analyze the current process.

In order to achieve success, there should be an analysis of the current process vis-à-vis the proposed process. It is also best to have a solid measurement method in order to eliminate ambiguity. This would be the time to do a cost benefit analysis in order to see if it will be really beneficial for the company. When doing a cost analysis, all the costs involved should be considered to ensure successful outsourcing. For example, if you are feeling the need to outsource because support calls can go from 20 dollars to 5 dollars without considering other factors, that will not be successful. If you will only consider that tangible cost, you are not geared towards successful outsourcing. You should also study the resolution time. If the support wasn’t outsourced, will the in-house support resolve the problem on time? If not, how long before the problem gets a resolution? Did you factor in the cost of lost productivity because the same call took too long to be solved?

  1. Set a timeline.

Successful outsourcing depends determining what to be contracted out and when to do so. Is the need immediate or do you observe for a couple of months more? Are you equipped with the right data to ensure success in outsourcing? Even if you feel the need to outsource, it shouldn’t happen overnight. It shouldn’t happen for very long also because lost time means lost resources. Successful outsourcing is tedious and you need to consider all factors before doing so.

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