live answering serviceLive answering service is often neglected as an important part of excellent customer support. Some businesses think that recorded or automated answering services give them an advantage in dealing with their customers. They thinks that automated answering services have made customer support simpler. However, don’t you think your business feels cold and detached when you have an automated answering service?

We think that live answering service is better than the automated ones. We would like to encourage businesses to look into this answering service as an important factor in delivering excellent customer support. If you want to know why, read on.

Benefits of a Live Answering Service

  1. The conversation starts on a positive note. The interaction with your customers start with the first greeting, and the emotion you get from the customer when they hear a live answering service will be different than with an automated one. The demands for communication nowadays can be very busy and the caller may only hear a friendly voice and an upbeat greeting, but those are the only things necessary in making your customer feel a positive outlook with your business. If a customer is upset, hearing a friendly voice on the other end will not make them lash out on how poor your service or how disappointing your product is. Even if they angry, they will not start the conversation negatively because they will also think that the person on the line is not the one really responsible for the screw up.
  2. Live answering service makes it personalized. The personal interaction provided makes your caller feel important. It professionally meets the needs of your caller but with a personal touch. If they hear an answering service, it means that a person from the company is getting his or her concerns addressed and the rapport that will be built between them will not just end with that phone call. If it is an automated service, no bond or attachment will be made between you and customer.
  3. It will make customers feel important. Live answering service will make a huge difference in the perception of your customers about your business. Unlike other businesses who opt for the recorded. It will make your customers express their concerns more because a person on the other end will be able to sympathize. If your customer was transferred to a cold automated service, they will not think that you care about their concern because everything is just recorded and nobody is there to really take note of their concern. A live answering service will make your customer feel that their feedback, inquiry, and concerns are properly addressed by someone from the company.

We have stressed three of the benefits compared to an automated one. Business is not all about making things simpler, it is about making your customers feel good so that you can reap the fruits of your labor for a long time.

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