article submission sitesArticle submission sites are websites that provide tracking services for writers’ articles. Writers can check, manage and track all their articles they have submitted.

Below are 11 benefits of using these article submission sites:

  1. Visitors: When writing an article, your website will be visibly exposed all over the web.  This is by adding a resource box. This resource box has your name. It includes short information about you. It also has a direct link to your website.
  2. Credibility: As the author of your articles, you’re the subject matter expert. Your articles build up integrity and trust between you and your readers.
  3. Links: Whenever you publish your articles on article submission sites, your website is listed along with them. This put links from your website to other related sites. The search engine can easily find your link through the other sites . They can index your site faster. In this way, it can make your website more popular in search engines. They can list your site more often to different article directories.
  4. Visibility: Other writers and website owners will pick up your page for their blogs, websites and e-zine. This will make your brand standout. It can give you a more competitive edge.
  5. Exposure: You can get a “front page” exposure to many article submission sites. Especially ones that list the most current published articles.
  6. Free Advertising: Your articles could be read through a hundreds of websites for free. You don’t have to pay for anything in posting your articles.
  7. Money: Article submission sites give good writers huge demand. You could be hired to write articles if people will like your work.
  8. eBooks: You can gather all your articles and put it on an eBook. This can be free or has charge for it. You can get additional advertising by adding your links to the eBook.
  9. Trust: Marketing related products on your website will be easier for you. This is because you are directly recognized as the subject matter expert. 
  10. eZines: Contact other e-zine publishers and exchange article. This will guarantee you that your articles will be available to other article submission sites. This gives you more visibility and credibility.
  11. More Money: Aside from possibly getting paid for article writing for others, you can make money by writing your own content. You can publish this on your websites along with advertisements.

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